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5G is estimated to be 100 times faster than the current 4G/LTE network. With this speed you should be able to download a 800mb video to your mobile phone in just 1 sec !

Look at this picture to see how fast our internet connection is developing .

5g speed table





4G Technology


4G communication 4G stands for 4th generation and is the fourth generation of mobile telecommunications standards . It is the successor to the 3G standard which culminated in 2010 with 3.9G , also known as Pre – 4G . 3G was the first communication protocol, where one of the ” generations ” began to speak , a name which in the meantime has become convention .

The speed of 4G is 100 Mbit / s or approximately 12.5 megabytes per second if you sit in the train or car , and 1000 Mbit / s per second, or about 125 megabytes per second if you stand still or walking are. There is – in part because of the high demands on the speed – but still a standard by the ITU to the requirements to be allowed to be called 4G LTE Advanced . Mid-2013 only in South Korea, a commercial 4G network was active .

The current in the rest of the world active ’4 G ‘ networks are in fact 3.9G .

Despite this, many manufacturers have their 3.9G products marketed with names that suggest the 4G products . For example, 3GPP Long Term Evolution as a marketing name ” 4G LTE ” inherited and prices Dutch telecom providers a network based on this standard are often as a ’4 G network .